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Raedex Consortium

The SFO is investigating suspected fraud in relation to the activities of the Raedex Consortium, including the companies Buy2Let Cars, PayGo Cars, Raedex trading as Wheels4Sure and Rent2Own Cars, in the period 2012 to 2021.

The company offered car leasing schemes where investors were given the chance to invest in cars which would be leased out.

In April 2021, the SFO raided two properties, arrested one individual and conducted interviews of two suspects.

In October 2021, the SFO arrested and interviewed a suspect.

The SFO is asking investors to fill in a confidential questionnaire by 31 January 2022. The information provided will help the SFO to continue to progress the investigation. 

The SFO would like to thank the National Economic Crime Centre (NECC), FCA, NCA, City of London Police and Surrey Police for their assistance in this matter.

As this is a live investigation, the SFO can provide no further comment.

Investor updates

22 December 2021 – The technical issues experienced by some investors with the questionnaire are now resolved. We thank investors for bearing with us while we looked into these issues.

The SFO asks investors to fill in the questionnaire by the new date of 31 January 2022. 

Frequently asked questions for investors

Browsers and devices

This secure questionnaire will work with commonly supported up-to-date browsers and devices. If you have issues with the device or browser you are using, please try a different device and/or browser.

Issues submitting the questionnaire

Should you still experience issues submitting the questionnaire please double check the following:

  • All questions have been completed
  • Any questions requiring figures only do not contain symbols such as ‘£’
  • Contact number contains the country code e.g. UK country code is +44.

If you still have trouble submitting the questionnaire, please email Renu Thacker on Raedex.investigation@sfo.gov.uk, with details of the issues you are experiencing.

Please note that once started you will need to complete the questionnaire all in one go. You will not be able to save and return to it.  Therefore, it may be helpful to have all your relevant Raedex documents on hand for reference before starting.

30 November 2021 – We are aware that some investors are currently experiencing technical issues with the questionnaire which we are looking into and hope to resolve very soon.  We will update the website when the issues have been resolved.  We thank investors for their patience and bearing with us in the meantime. If you have any queries regarding completion of this form, please contact Renu Thacker by email on Raedex.investigation@sfo.gov.uk

20 October 2021 – The SFO asked investors into the suspected fraudulent schemes to complete a confidential questionnaire by 7 January 2022. The information provided will help the SFO to continue to progress the investigation. The questionnaire can be accessed here.

On this day, the SFO also arrested and interviewed a suspect.

30 July 2021 – Following some initial enquiries we are revising the questionnaire and this will be finalised in due course. A link to access the questionnaire will be provided on this webpage and we would ask you to check back regularly. For those who have provided contact details, we will send an email when the questionnaire goes live. The questionnaire is designed to capture information from all those that previously invested, current investors, those who have or currently lease vehicles and any other parties who supplied goods or services to the Raedex Consortium.

10 June 2021 – Investors and lessees will be invited to complete a secure investigation questionnaire in July 2021 and we thank all those who have already assisted with our investigation so far. If you have already given us your contact details, we will send you an email when the questionnaire goes live. The questionnaire will be available on this page for those reporting on behalf of another (eg an elderly parent) as well as those who dealt directly with the companies.

10 May 2021 – We will soon ask investors and lessees to complete a secure investigation questionnaire. Investors and lessees should ensure all paperwork, correspondence and documentation is retained whilst we prepare the questionnaire.

The SFO is committed to supporting victims and invites investors and lessees to view this information pack for more information on support for victims of crime and on organisations that can offer advice on financial matters. Please be assured that the SFO is taking all reasonable steps to fully investigate this case. We thank you for your assistance with our investigation.

RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP are the Joint Administrators for the Raedex Consortium. Their work is separate and distinct from the SFO investigation.

8 April 2021 – Investors and lessees of the suspected fraudulent schemes are invited to check this webpage for an update on Monday 10 May 2021.

On Thursday 8 April 2021, the SFO, with the assistance of the National Crime Agency and City of London Police, conducted searches on two residential premises in connection with this investigation. The SFO also arrested and interviewed one individual, who has been released pending further investigation, and conducted an interview with a further individual.

Those who have leases with the companies above can find more information on the FCA website here.

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