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Chad Oil

Chad Oil corruption – UK property freezing order

On the 29 July 2014 the SFO obtained a Property Freezing Order to freeze £4.4 million representing the sale of 800,000 company shares previously held by the respondent, Ikram Mahamat Saleh.

Mrs Saleh made an application to discharge the Property Freezing Order which was rejected by the court in 2015. Paragraph 53 of the court judgement sets out the background to how the SFO became involved.

Mrs Saleh appealed the High Court’s decision and in January 2017, the Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the SFO. More information can be found in this press release.

On the 22nd March 2018, the High Court granted the SFO’s Civil Recovery Order of £4.4m. Once received, the money will be held in trust by the SFO and entered into the Consolidated Fund, after which the Department for International Development will identify key established projects to invest the money in. More information can be found in this press release.

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