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SFO Operational Handbook

The SFO Operational Handbook chapters are being redacted in line with Freedom of Information principles, to avoid compromising our operations, and are being published as these versions become available.



Bail Last Updated: 10 Tachwedd, 2017


Consents Last Updated: 7 Chwefror, 2018

Custody Time Limits

Custody Time Limits Last Updated: 24 Mai, 2017


Designations Last Updated: 23 Mai, 2017


Disclosure Last Updated: 21 Chwefror, 2018

European Investigation Orders

European Investigation Orders Last Updated: 2 Mawrth, 2018

Expert Witnesses

Expert Witnesses Last Updated: 20 Gorffennaf, 2017

Information Gateways and MoUs

Information Gateways and MoUs Last Updated: 30 Ionawr, 2018

Obtaining Investigative Assistance Overseas

Operational Orders

Operational Orders Last Updated: 20 Chwefror, 2018

Operational Risk Assessment

Operational Risk Assessment Last Updated: 25 Gorffennaf, 2017

Overseas Security and Justice Assistance Assessment

Parallel Proceedings

Parallel Proceedings Last Updated: 6 Medi, 2017

Section 2 powers

Section 2 powers Last Updated: 7 Chwefror, 2018

Victims and Witnesses

Victims And Witnesses Last Updated: 13 Medi, 2018