Rydym yn defnyddio cwcis ar ein gwefan. Trwy barhau i bori ar ein gwefan, rydych yn cytuno i ni ddefnyddio cwcis. Mwy o wybodaeth am gwcis Cuddio

Contacting the SFO securely

We use Egress email encryption software to securely share confidential information by email and send and receive large files.

Sending encrypted emails and large files with Egress is as easy as sending a conventional email.

We will always send confidential or sensitive material to you using Egress. This is to protect you, the information being sent and the cases we are working on.

Egress is certified by the NCSC.

If you are a victim or witness, Egress will help protect your identity and conversations you have with the SFO.

If you an organisation or person required to provide the SFO with evidence or information, you must use Egress. This is so the evidence and information is protected from the moment you send the email, to the point at which it is received by the SFO.

Sending or receiving encrypted emails and large files

New Egress User

If you receive an Egress encrypted email or a large file from us, please read this guide to help you access the email. You do not need to download or install any software to read emails send using Egress. You can read secure messages and access encrypted files quickly and easily.

If you would like to start sending encrypted emails and large files to the SFO using Egress, you can download free desktop and mobile apps.

You can use Egress to send files of up to 500MB  securely to the SFO.

Existing Egress User

If you already use you can now use the software to send encrypted information or large files to people at the SFO.

Problems using Egress

If you encounter any problems when using Egress please visit the support centre.

The support centre has information about how to use Egress, including tutorials and FAQs. You can also raise a support ticket.

You can email Egress support at support@egress.com

If you would rather speak to a member of the support team, call Egress Europe (UK) on +44 (0)844 8000 1730.