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Pinnacle Angelgate, North Point Pall Mall and New Chinatown

Pinnacle Angelgate (Manchester), North Point Pall Mall (Liverpool) and New Chinatown (Liverpool)


The SFO has opened a criminal investigation into a suspected fraud concerning three property developments:


  1. Angelgate, Dantzic Street, Manchester – the development company being Pinnacle (Angelgate) Ltd;
  2. North Point Pall Mall, 70-90 Pall Mall, Liverpool – the development company being North Point (Pall Mall) Ltd; and
  3. New Chinatown, Great George Street, Liverpool – the development company being China Town Development Company Ltd.


Progress and Update

This investigation is ongoing, and as such the SFO is unable to provide any further comment at this stage. Any significant updates will be posted on the SFO website.


Investors Questionnaire

The SFO would like to thank those investors who have already completed our online questionnaire.

If you have invested in any of the above three property developments and not yet completed our online questionnaire, please do so by following this link.




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