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SFO charges Andreas Hauschild with EURIBOR manipulation

21 Hydref, 2018 | Eitemau newyddion

The Serious Fraud Office yesterday charged Andreas Hauschild with conspiracy to defraud in connection with its investigation into the manipulation of the Euro Interbank Offered Rate (EURIBOR).

Mr Hauschild was extradited to the UK and appeared before Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 20 October 2018.

This followed Mr Hauschild’s arrest in Italy in August 2018 after his trip to the country activated a European Arrest Warrant secured by the SFO.

The next hearing will take place at Southwark Crown Court on 24 October 2018.

Notes to editors

  1. The Serious Fraud Office announced that it had decided to accept allegations of the manipulation of LIBOR and EURIBOR for investigation on 6 July 2012.
  2. The SFO applied for and was granted a European Arrest Warrant for Andreas Hauschild in February 2016.
  3. The Italian authorities ruled that Andreas Hauschild should be extradited to the UK on 12 October 2018.
  4. Andreas Hauschild is represented by John Bramhall at DAC Beechcroft LLP.
  5. More details of the case and related hearings can be found here.
  6. The strict liability rule in the Contempt of Court Act 1981 applies.