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HP Autonomy investigation

19 Ionawr, 2015 | Eitemau newyddion

The Director of the Serious Fraud Office has closed the SFO’s investigation into the sale of Autonomy to the Hewlett-Packard company (HP) in 2011. This investigation was commenced in early 2013, following a referral from HP. In respect of some aspects of the allegations, the SFO has concluded that, on the information available to it, there is insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction. In respect of other aspects and on the application of well-established principles, jurisdiction over the investigation has been ceded to the US authorities whose investigation is ongoing.

Notes to editors:

  1. In order not to undermine the US-based investigation we are unable to go into further detail at this stage regarding the basis of these decisions.
  2. In accordance with the Attorney General’s guidance for handling cases affecting both this jurisdiction and the United States of America, we have consulted with those investigating these matters in the US.
  3. In ceding aspects of the investigation to the US, we have applied the guidelines and principles outlined in the Director of Public Prosecution’s guidance on handling cases where the jurisdiction to prosecute is shared with prosecuting authorities overseas.
  4. The SFO uses an HP Autonomy product. Throughout the investigation we have kept the potential for conflict of interest under review. Such a conflict of interest does not exist, nor has it ever existed, and the matter played no part in any decision concerning this investigation.